Some people are Doer's and some are Giver's what are you? By Duncan McDonald

Hello Everyone

I have never really understood the world of blogging as most I read seem to be, well a little boring and long winded. I can't promise I'll not be boring but I will definitely try and keep them short.

If you don't know where we have got so far with this project have a read of the website at or watch the video diaries. All I can say is that I can't believe so much has happened in the last 8 months since starting. From a derelict building to a staff room, head teachers office and leavers class room in under 5 months and for just under £3K.

Now to tackle the title of this blog. I'm a DOER not always a good thing but I saw this project and just started it. Whats the worst that could happen!  Shit little did I realise what I had bitten off and I will be chewing for a long time I'm sure. But now I have committed I will finish the job no matter how long it takes.

My first task was to look for GIVERS and I found loads of friends and family and some strangers and a very generous anonymous person who donated nearly £5,000 which was more than enough for the first project.

DOER'S are harder to find as there is a commitment of time and effort involved and a DOER and GIVER even harder to find but I've found one......

May I introduce C.J. Holding to the team. C.J. is an amazing photographer and a business associate of mine who waded in with a big cheque as soon as she heard about the project. Following subsequent conversations she offered the use of a really unique world famous photo she took called "Angel" to be sold through our galleries or online with 50% of the proceeds going to the charity.

OK so that classed CJ as a GIVER.

Then this weekend I received a text from CJ to say I've started a website for you! Wow can you imagine my joy at finding a DOER too.

So folks the project has a Facebook page, a Just Giving account a Website, 42 GIVERS and 2 DOERS. This time next year we will have a school!